Shandrow, K. L. (2013, November 18). Measuring your social media roi. Retrieved from

The article answers ten key questions about measuring social media ROI, this includes ways to measure social media, tracking conversions, free analytics tools, and more.

Rating: 7/10

Mangold, B. (2013, April). Measuring social media roi with google analytics. Retrieved from

In the article, a video with Justin Cutroni, Analytics Advocate at Google, shares insights on measuring social media. There are also tools in managing social media including Hootsuite, Simply Measured, Sprout Social, and Buffer.  And learning new formula in calculating likes (L / Upm x (LpD x 30) x (C / L) x CR x ACV = Value of a Like).

Rating: 10/10

Waddell, T. (2014, January 20). 3 reasons you need a big data and analytics strategy. Retrieved from

Tim Waddell, director of product marketing at Adobe, defines industry’s latest trend with Big Data and analytics strategy to benefit your organization.

Rating 9/10

Klaassen, A. (2009, March 30). The right data makes marketing more effective. Retrieved from

Avinash Kaushik answers questions to digital marketing and ways to approach analytics. He used to evaluate tools and collecting data with the 10/90 rule, and now its 0/90. The 0/90 means that if you had $100 to spend on decision-making, $0 will be spent on tools and $90 should be spent on people. Avinash emphasizes the importance on investment required to provide insights, since Google Analytics has developed.

Rating: 7/10

Google Analytics tweets about news, tips, and trends such as learning about BigQuery Export.

Rating: 8/10

Aaronson, J. (2014, January 3). 3 digital marketing trends to watch out for in 2014. Retrieved from

Jack Aaronson, CEO of The Aaronson Group, notes three digital trends to look out for in 2014.

1) Simplification Becomes Cool Again – less distractions
2) The Web is So Passe – starting to advertise in apps
3) The Continued Evolution of Personalization – cater to user’s needs at that moment

Rating: 7/10


Digital Marketing Strategy and SEO

Digital Marketing Strategy and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Anderson, M. K. (2013, October 09). Blog seo for the modern marketer: How to optimize your posts. Retrieved from

A product marketer at HubSpot, Meghan Keaney Anderson, lists six important tips on blog SEO:

  • Focusing on key phrases or topics and changing them into blog topics
  • Optimizing blog post headlines and URLs
  • Creating SEO-friendly links and anchor text
  • Choosing set of key words for tags
  • Integrating social elements for blog posts
  • Focusing on mobile optimization

Anderson discusses ways in optimizing SEO for blogs and the importance on providing relevant and shareable content.

Rating: 8/10

Cabery, E. (2013, May 08). Seo in 2013: The focus on quality. Retrieved from

In the blog post, Ed Carbery talks about Google’s algorithm updates from “Panda” (launched in April 2011) to the current algorithm codenamed “Penguin”. Google claims that the “Penguin” will reduce webspam and promote high quality content. In 2013, Nielsen Company reports up to 82% of smartphone owners used their device for web browsing. The author identifies high quality content and responsive web designs are important factors for SEO.

Rating: 8/10

Demers, J. (2014, January 20). 5 seo trends every entrepreneur needs to know for 2014. Retrieved from

The article recognizes the importance on including brand building, mobile optimization, content marketing, and social media as parts of SEO strategies. As content marketing rises, brands need to be able to tell their own stories and provide relevant content. Links, content, and social platforms should be integrated in bringing the company closer to the audience.

Rating: 8/10

Honigman, B. (2014, January 13). The top 4 opportunities to leverage seo & social media. Retrieved from

Marketing consultant, Brian Honigman, provides insight on connecting social media to search engines. He lists four opportunities: creating relevant content, syncing meta data, link building at scale, and increasing users on Google+ . Honigman suggests that content on social media have short life-span as content are updated constantly.  He emphasizes how title tag and meta description defines the way pages are ranked, websites that are linked to social media allows others to see content more quickly, and Google+ drives search engine rankings.

Rating: 9/10

Google Inc. (2010). Search engine optimization starter guide. Retrieved from

In this PDF document, Google outlines the starter guide to SEO. One of the important points is making the site easier to navigate by using “breadcrumb lists” also known as row of internal links (usually at the top or bottom of the page). Under best practices, users enjoy well written text and  anchor text as they’re easy to understand.

Rating: 10/10

seotipsy. (2014, January 26). #backlink is an important factor when you are the owner of a blog, developing a good back link is required when… %5BTweet%5D. Retrieved from

Seo Tips is a twitter account that provides daily tips on SEO. For example, Seo Tips tweeted about the importance of back link for bloggers.

Rating: 7/10

webseoanalytics. (2014, January 21). Build a winning #SEO Strategy: Diagnostic, Planning, Execution & Monitoring  #marketing [Tweet]. Retrieved from

Web Seo Analytics tweets about using its software to plan, diagnose the business and market, and campaign monitoring.

Rating: 8/10

Wlodarczyk, K. (2013, December 23). Seo vs. new seo – sustainable and algorithm-proof marketing methods that work. Retrieved from

Positionly is a company that tracks and analyzes digital marketing. With the market that is constantly changing, Positionly provides tips on SEO marketing on content, on-site, off-site, and social media. The infographic illustrates participating in community in building relations and interaction with people.

Rating: 8/10