Falls, J. (2013, January 29). The complicated ethics of reviews & ratings. Retrieved from

In this article, Jason Falls elaborates on businesses being blackmailed and ways to solve it. Few of the solutions he lists out are not to offer customers discount or incentive for posting ratings or reviews and actively respond and participate in discussions regarding reviews.

Rating: 7/10

Walter, Brianne. (2012, November 27). Ethical issues with internet marketing. Retrieved from

In World Trade Group blog, the author explains security, privacy, and legal issues that many businesses deal with. One of the issues is viruses, they pose a serious threat in privacy of both businesses and its customers. As for legal issues, businesses have to be careful of sharing free-flow of information on internet, which may violate the law.

Rating: 7/10

Canadian Marketing Association. (2013). Code of ethics and standards of practice. Retrieved from

Canadian Marketing Association includes a PDF document on the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. This is given as a guideline for the marketing community, includes considerations in marketing to children and teenagers, and protection of the environment.

Rating: 10/10

Urbanski, A. (2014, January 10). News byte: Target says 70 million affected by data breach. Retrieved from

To put emphasis on the importance of data issues, Al Urbanski shares an article on Target where it had breached at least 70 million customers. Hackers were able to take in information on customers’ names, phone numbers, and payment card details.

Rating: 7/10