Email Marketing

Hexton, C. (2013, July 17). 5 email a/b split test ideas you haven’t tried. Retrieved from

In the blog post, Chris Hexton gives explanations on five ideas on improving A/B split tests for email marketing campaigns. The five ideas include:

1. Split Your Primary CTA Into Deeper Links
2. Repeat Your CTA In Your Signature or Postscript
3. Test the Variety & Order Of Your Secondary Links
4. Ask Questions
5. Go Mobile With Responsive Templates

Rating: 8/10

MailChimp. (2014). How to create an email marketing plan. Retrieved from

MailChimp provides online email marketing solution in sending better emails. On the website, MailChimp lists four important steps in creating email marketing plan. Here are the following four steps,

Step 1. Define Your Readers
Step 2. Determine Your Content
Step 3: Determine Your Sending Frequency and Goals
Step 4: Make a Schedule

Rating: 8/10

Lee, K. (2012, October 15). 15 email marketing tips for small businesses. Retrieved from

In the article, Kate Kiefer Lee, the writer of web content and brand personalities, gives 15 tips for small businesses on email marketing. One of the important tips is keeping a publishing calendar, it helps with keeping regular newsletter.

Rating: 9/10

Lee, K. (2013, October 8). 8 effective email marketing strategies, backed by science. Retrieved from

In this blog, Kevan Lee gives eight effective email marketing strategies on separating your business from the noise. The eight tips are,

1. Personalize your email without using the recipient’s name
2. Long and short subject lines
3. 8:00pm to midnight is the prime time to send your email
4. Best content is free content: give something away

Rating: 8/10