The infographic outlines why businesses should use eCommerce, how you can adopt it as well as definitions for words related to eCommerce.

Rating: 8/10

Shopify is a Canadian company that helps people all over the world with selling online. They operate their own e-commerce software, website hosting, and more.

Rating: 10/10

The article lists 10 Dos and Don’ts on launching an e-commerce site. The most important one is to conduct research and rest your product, and listen to your customers.

Rating: 7/10

Holst, C. (2011, April 6). Fundamental guidelines of e-commerce checkout design. Retrieved from

Christian Holst, co-founder of Baynard Institute, notes eleven tips on improving e-commerce websites and guidelines in allowing users to purchase products conveniently.

1. Your Checkout Process Should Be Completely Linear – avoid steps within steps
2. Add Descriptions To Form Field Labels – avoids confusion with labels
3. Avoid Contextual Words Like “Continue”
4. Visually Reinforce All Sensitive Fields On The Payment Page – provide security
5. Don’t Use An “Apply” Button In Your Form
6. Format Field For Expiration Date Exactly As It Appears On Credit Card
7. Use Only One Column For Form Fields
8. Use Shipping Address As Billing Address By Default
9. Use  Clear Error Indications
10. Registration Should Be Optional
11. Don’t Require Seemingly Unnecessary Information

Rating: 10/1o

Roggio, A. (2013, June 19). Reviwing the checkout process of 10 leading online retailers. Retrieved from

The article reviews the check out process of ten leading online retailers. This includes Amazon, Apple, Best Buy, Dell, Macy’s, Office Depot, Office Max, Sears, Staples, and Walmart.

Rating: 8/10 

Kane, J. (2013, October 9). How to increase the traffic to your e-commerce website and make it effective. Retrieved from

In this blog post, the author gives five tips on how to increase traffic to your e-commerce website and ways to make it effective.

1. Focus On the Product – link to purchase
2. Display All Customer Service Contacts – real person for help
3. Increase Content – keeps your consumers informed
4. Absorb the Shipping Cost – help convince the customer
5. Display Trustmarks Prominently – highlight brand legitimacy and authority

Rating: 8/10

Pandian, C. (n.d.). E-commerce: 4 proven ways to increase your average basket size. Retrieved from

Carlo shares four tested methods in increasing average basket size for e-commerce. The four methods are

1. Shipping – decider on how much consumers want to spend
2. Where Do I Check Out? – placing shopping basket at an obvious place
3. How Much Have I Spent? –  providing online calculator under consumer’s shopping basket
4. Cross Selling – recommending relevant and associated products

Rating: 7/10

Borren, T. (2014, January 29). 6 tips for getting a start in the ecommerce biz. Retrieved from

This is a start-up article with six tips for those interested in e-commerce site.

1. Hire an expect
2. Supplier
3. Domain name
4. Ship Daily
5. Google AdWords
6. Streamline

Rating: 7/10


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